Affordable Life Insurance

Affordable Life Insurance can be confusing. Many commercials or websites want you to be the Life Insurance experts and find a plan that you think fits your needs. We take a different approach than most. We help you find the best plan that fits your needs and do all of the work for you. We know your time is more valuable than spending hours looking around for affordable Life Insurance only to wonder if the one you selected is a good company and is the one to fit your needs.

We a highly experienced and qualified team of Life Insurance experts and have worked with countless individuals and families to help them find affordable Life Insurance. We know what plans to offer you based on what your particular needs are.

When you choose us you choose a company that you can trust with your Life Insurance. We understand your needs whether it is a simple Final Expense plan or a Universal Life plan built for your retirement security We can help you. Your satisfaction is our number one concern which is why so many clients are happy to use our services time and again.

We can offer any type of Life Insurance to fit any need. Whether you are looking for a simple Term Life Policy to protect your family, a Final Expense Policy to pay for funeral cost, or affordable Life Insurance coverage for the Children Michigan Life Insurance Quotes is Life Insurance experts. We select plans for you from the top rated Life Insurance carriers in the State of Michigan. Many of us buy Michigan Life Insurance because we want to make sure our loved ones will be taken care of and be financially secured after we die. Income replacement is the number one reason people buy Life Insurance. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today for a FREE Life Insurance analysis and let us help protect you and your family today!

Contact us today to help find the best affordable Life Insurance for you. We represent all of the top rated Life Insurance companies available in the State of Michigan. And as an added bonus, our services are FREE to you. We can provide you the cheapest Life Insurance rate available from every company.  Once you complete the following form we will contact you within 24 hours to get detailed information needed to find you the best Life Insurance to fit your needs. Contact us today!

Types of Life Insurance


Term Life has never been more affordable than now. We offer all of the top rated Life Insurance companies available in Michigan. We offer 10, 15, 20, & 30 year terms to fit your unique situation. Use our Term Life Quoter to see how affordable Michigan Life Insurance Quotes can be. Do not wait until it is too late. Secure your family future now!


Whole Life Insurance Policies provide coverage and security your entire life. In most cases your rates will never increase and your death benefit never decreases. In addition, there are some Whole Life policies that build cash value or even pay dividends. Contact Michigan Life Insurance Quotes today to see if an affordable Whole Life policy is right for you.


Universal Life Insurance can be the most versatile type of Life Insurance available. Often called Permanent Life Insurance, Universal Life policies can be an excellent way to save for retirement and once retired provide a tax-free income stream for you and your family. Contact is today for a FREE consultation on how a Universal Life Policy can help you retire comfortably.


Final Expense Life insurance is often call burial insurance because it is typically used to cover the cost for your funeral expenses. Final Expense  Life Insurance is extremely affordable and can provide the financial means for your loved ones to pay for your funeral expenses rather than being burdened with the costs. Contact us today to get a FREE, no obligation quote and see just how affordable Final Expense Life Insurance can be.


Critical Illness Insurance is sometimes called Living Life Insurance. Critical Illness Insurance pays you a lump sum, tax-free, cash benefit should something  like cancer or a major illness strike you or your family members. Due to the miracle of modern medicine many times critical illnesses such as heart attacks, cancer, or renal failure you survive. However, fighting an illness can be very taxing on your daily expenses. A critical Illness Insurance plan can help.


Children’s Life Insurance plans is a smart way to helping your children out for their future. When you purchase a life insurance policy for your children now the insurance companies base the premiums on their current age which is very inexpensive. And in most cases Children’s Life Insurance policies never increase in premium and the death benefit never decreases which means they can keep their rates low for a lifetime. Rates can start as low as $10 per month for a $30,000 benefit. Contact us today for a FREE quote.

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